The Creators Jedi

Journey of the Jedi

Many may guess that to be one with the Creators Jedi, they must first connect to its source which holds all the true value in this state of being.  They must learn to appreciate what has been before and will be long after our presence.


  • So these are some of my captured moments of the connection with mother earth in all its glory.  These photo's were a reminder to myself that beauty is all around us, and when I discovered beauty I captured what I was looking at.


The most precious gift, The most precious gift,

I am told, is all the love the heart can hold.


                 - I give it to you

                 - You give it to me

There's enough for the world and the gift is free.

Will you take my love more precious than gold?

It's the finest gift that a heart can hold.

                                                             Yours Truly,

                                                                     --Andre Christ

                                                                              Dated: June 3, 1994