The Book of One

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The significance of the tower of light

3. Where the journey begins

4. Color of light in dark

5. Improving mentality and spiritual gain

6. Finding truth inside the present

7. Giving and Recieving

8. Holding onto the light


      There lay a truth inside of every motive.  Inside every being is a connection to home.  Home is a representation of peace.  One cannot feel home without peace in mind.  There are many forms of peace and many misdirecting implications that can occur to trick the mind of an individual into believing something that they want to believe.  This is not the work of the one. This is the subconcious being within ourselves that we have created.  It takes the place of whom really is meant to be in tuned with that factor base.  No one wants to be alone in this faction you have to realize that the mind is a powerful muscle that can recreate whatever it needs to survive; its instinct.

      In order to gather a better understanding of what exactly that means, we have to go through a little order of light.  Once we understand what the order of light represents only then can we begin an understanding of what it is.  The truth of what the light represents is a group of channels or frequencies that will allow eternal flow throughout the universe, not just life on earth.  The question was once asked what is the most important thing?  The answer was life.  Not happiness, not all the other things that distract us from the core of existence.  What does this mean? The fact that the value did not reference Unconditional Love over life itself.  Is a breakthrough of why the ego still exists.  Life is a part of Love, and Love is a part of life.  However there are many other parts of life that co-exist with everything.  So therefor much emphasis on the true intention of getting back to the base of source, the creation of life; back to the One.

The significance of the Tower of Light

"We bring you Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Beauty, Patience, Truth, Compassion, and Gratitude."

"Through every fiber of our Being!"

These are the Channels of the one, these are the answers to the prayer, these are you guides back home.  Don't feel discouraged if you read these words and ask yourself what is that supposed to mean?  How are those words going to give back what is mine? How was anything ever even taken from me to begin with?   All these questions and more will be defined in the following chapter of the Tower of Light:

Now let me begin with the factors of staying positive within the boundaries of the above readings.  Even though the questions that were used as examples of what it is were looking for, it will be the most recognized and concerned questions to unknown readers.  For the ones who are on the same page, this is more so a reference of the lifestyle you already choose to live; and the purpose of this read is to retune and recognize why the one is so great.  Its goal being to reassure the people who take the time to apply these principles to life, will learn that the effort will not go unnoticed.

A very common thing we all do Big or small, smart or not.  We all REMEMBER!  It is important to realise the importance in memories, and/or "to REMEMBER."  So lets start by trying to remember the 10 channels in which we want to memorize:

  • Love: is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete. 

"This is refering to a greater understanding of creation. The beggining of all things."

  • Joy: is not a human-based happiness that comes and goes, rather, true joy is divine in its origin. It is a Spirit-given expression that flourishes best in hard times.

"The joy of the Lord is your strength" Nehemiah 8:10

  • Peace: is a state of being whole with one self.  The ability to bypass all negative structures that develope in the surroundings of your life, and to discredit them from your self.  Then within this circumstance one will experience peace.

  • Harmony: Is a way of life, that generally supports, music and feelings which lead to harmonic expressions.  These expressions are the ability to transfer the vibrations one will feel in this channel to others through words and feelings.

  • Unity: is a bound source of light, the ability to use all of these terms listed here together to create community.  A community built on the structures of positive termonology and true intention of goal in mind shared by everyone involved within the Tower of Light.

  • Beauty: is a form of vision that we express is something that grasps the internal cord, it strikes a cord of the most poise visions the world has to offer.  Things that spark memories, that help us remember whats important to look at when interacting with everything around us.

  • Patience: is self explainitory;  This is one of the most important values of the tree in our tower because it brings us knowledge with time, and since time is the only thing of relevance in todays world, it is a key factor to help us gather the most intellegence with the time we have using our best judgements on when to wait, sit and listen.  But when to strike, and take action as well, everything has its due time.

  • Truth: is our law, without truth we could not expect righteousness.  Without truth we cannot contain trust, how can we trust one another without the ability of truth.  This is such a powerful channel that it has a way of finding its path into consciousness with or without the consent of the expressor.

  • Compassion: is a channel of deep sympathy, the ability to use your passion to make change in the passionless equations in life.  This is a way to make change with your heart, and your gifts that come with us through the experiences of life.  You build compassion, you don't just have this trait, you create this trait through understanding the hardships of life and the trials that it can bring before you, yet you have the power to create the outcome into positivity.  Also very powerful tool to overcome understanding that has not completely revealed its truth to its equation. 

  • Gratitude: is a quality of being thankful and or grateful.  This is a simple explaination that doesn't give the value of how important gratitude stands in this world.  A good example of having gratitude could be like so:  "I am thankful for the things in life that have made its way into my existance, these things could have never been expected, or were these things ever a suprise.  All great things come to those whom respect and appreciate what is part of them.  Which once true comprehension of gratitude its obtained.  Peace becomes its balance."

It is always important to know and exercise these channels in our everyday lives.  They dont seem to be so specific in conditionary senses, but be aware they are always there in the backround of your life.  They are always visible to the ones whom rest with the nest of the one.  This nest is the mother, the father, the son, and the daughter of all that is to be expressed and remembered.  More or less give value to life.  These are only our safety deposit boxes to eternal life.  You deposit your greatness into these boxes and continue to grow interest in the activities developed in your time.  These boxes never dissapear, they never fade, they are as permenent as you on this earth.  To believe these actualities are of no use to you in your being, is as unlikely as you not waking up the next morning, with no recolection that you ever even existed. Lost in the Dark and unknowing.

Where the Journey Begins

Life is like an organism that grows by the choosing of the host.  Many things in life cause the choices that the hosts make.  This is no secret, that were driven by emotions.  Every person has a different view on what this all has to do with you, with us.  In this particular journey one can only succeed when desire is of the necessary circumstances.  Sometimes people get lucky, they are very fortunate to have such true hearts, and pure mind and spirit.  They are the characteristics of love and light.  Now don't misinterpret the lucky statement as if it was not well deserved.  In a more factual logic they were determined, not consciously aware of this knowledge.  Knowing that if you can connect with what is presented before you many things await your true light.  There are no limits in the world in which is living, there are no restrictions and boundaries that deny ones wishes.  If in heart desires true good in intention of creating this reality; then so shall be the reward in which can be shown to those whom meet its requirements.

The first important consideration that you should take, is that this could be nothing like you had ever anticipated.  This could be beyond your current comprehension, but not as if you could not acquire such comprehension.  It is more of a willing factor that must retrace its root, and find its source in which it was created.  Now; we give name to ourselves, this is our mark, and or the listing in which we represent.  There are many like us, but we represent who we are creating ourselves to be. In the beginning we find value to this tag it would have to be called.  The attachment to us that brings our attention.  Only other way to explain the true value of the stated would be;  

"One is to attach itself; for it is now being as so, to forever hold the peace in ones heart and ones mind.  To confine to its spirit in which then can release, there is fortold of eternal Love."

-Andre "infinite" Anbarchian

Now assuming the host is now reaching for the higher they would long to feel, as if they had felt long ago.  Not to know what to expect, but more to unbind the obvious and apply the truth.  If the truth is rightoeus then let it flow, let it be heard and expressed.  For the lesson is with the truth, if the truth is not present, then the lesson is not learned. Therefor not to be understood.  Except words in the backround to script from the truth of further more. There is many gray space matter around us, and which is created by the host surrounded.  This all belongs to the same for it is in its own, and will not move unless by force or choice of nature. 

Then to a story of which was no return, but of coarse the beginning of new.  They say many things about baptism, and to be cleansed of all our sins.  This indeed has a reality and a truth, however it is not as advertised by religion.  You must have more then just faith to be washed away of your sins.  This is not to get off topic, our journey is not of the same territory, for where you hear my word, you have already been cleansed.  To be cleansed is to be  you, in which whom you are, and have always been.  The talks of the exorcism, and to the demons that do not actually possess us, as much as they live among us.  What is a demon?  They are not what you imagine, or see in film.  They are among us, you and I; But fear not for the light and ones whom harness it; they cannot overcome us.  

Demons are the voices in our heads that give us negative feedback.  They are responsible for the taunting while angry or frustrated.  Whether it be within the confinement of your own mind, or transferred into the reality and within it's perception.  They live among an assumption.  Further to explore this example I say you this, I'ts not all about you!!!  But indeed, it is.  Except within the current state of play in which we are, it's all about us.  So then we think who gets what and why?  Already, the dark has created doubt, and doubt is the beginning of the end.  The end of the wise and aware state of being, and into the dark and blind cold minded.  Part of the reason why this is being told, is due to the fact that a man has conquered his demons.  Only to learn that the demons could not be conquered, but concurred.  Become visible, no longer anonymous, from this point on the man could make all of his own choices, to bear what may come way for the actions that took play in the game that we are.

In this realization was found a truth of knowledge, and with this knowledge came enlightenment and everlasting life.  Bound to earth we all are, but not bound by god... bound by ourselves.  It is not likely that one of this gift would make some of the same mistakes as made in a past presense. Voices ignored and on mute, the goal is to know what your thinking, and how your feeling.  You will notice alot of these voices, they say things about what other people think, or must grasp from the current content circling the thought.  It has the tendencies to lead to assumption again, which is a branch of what they represent, "the demon." Knowing that this could be making very little sense at this point, it's purpose is not yet to understand, but to build a common base of knowledge what to look for, this is the start of the battle for whats to come.

As of now we have a basic understanding of what it means when they interpret the idea through religion, to be saved and or cleansed of all our sins.  It is a constant battle of the inner mind, and the conscious awareness that we possess within our minds. You are not to be blessed by some holy water, or to be blessed by a priest.  You are to learn the words in which are presented, to understand the task at hand in which to be willing to take, and once have truly accepted that fact to be purified within the new and to uphold its integrity by uplifting itself and those around it.  To leave past mistakes in past, and take part in future.  As a born infant into this world you have again occured as this.  You  have a new lifeline, a new record!  This concept is shocking considered the government follows a same pattern of when a minor, becomes an adult.

The Power of Controlled Self

The human mind, the most magnificent creation of the existence in which we understand briefly.  The brain has the power to control the body, and to produce the progress in which one will experience in the processes of life.  The many things of the brain that are not often brought to the attention of each individual person is how and why it is doing what it is doing.  The complication in such a reality comes in the factors of self interpretation of what to expect from the constant activity that cannot be avoided.

The society that we live in today offers very specific options as far as what can be done about the interaction in the brain that we do not have control of, or yet to understand the purposes of why the brain is acting in the designs that it does.  People are unique in many ways that we have only for some cases created symptoms or other tags in which identify what an individual may be experiencing in these cases.  However, many of these issues that are being identified have much more involved development concerning the connectivity of more than just what science and other educational studies have shared.  On a personal note, the brain is the creative engine that allows us to experience one another.  Without the processed brain in the world today that we all live within, we would not have the capable necessities to be aware that we are not alone, and amongst each other.  The beauty is that factual reality that we create in our imaginations and the supernatural truth that binds us within the same boundaries which is this life, and or place.   

How do we explain what this planet filled with life and all of the pre-existences that come with it.  The package that is so magnificent, that one would have to assume it to be perfect.  Science is the developed system that has given the human race its best understanding of what this amazing experience is.  They do not however have the ability to explain what it is for, and why we are here.  What is the most predictable solution to the equation of why the human body is living in a world of life and co-existence?  When the journey of life is done, and the human body is deceased, what happens to that of which lived before this event.  Do we live on and continue who we are?  Do we find that of what has been, before our time had begun?  When do we decide to examine in thought about these questions?  Can we prove to ourselves there is life after death?  Why can we not seem to have the proper forms of communications to enlighten another the way we have been enlightened ourselves?

The way of the spirit is a unique and scientific proven fact of existence.  The spirit is the connections that create all supernatural activities that we have yet to understand.  But from the experiences that the spirit has brought to many persons, has contributed to the power of imagination.  The use that has come to factor such events have been formed into literal theories that cannot be proved, but believed and followed by many.  When things begin to take play in our lives, just like any other change that we endure has its effects on all that endure.  Many becomes fearful of change, also known as being out of ones comfort zone.  A person is born to adapt to what it's learning, what it's encountered, and from there chooses what will remain and what will be avoided.  Some things like time can never be avoided, we will flow with time and time will flow without us.  This is why time is everything, and it's up to us to capture what can be found within time. 

The way of life is perceived many different ways.  Majority would express that life is an experience, that feelings are a byproduct of life's growth.  Ageing in the path of wisdom, and that wisdom is a form intelligence.  The wise make good choices, they do not make the same mistakes in constant eventfulness.  The wise can learn to find the advantage in future because the understanding of the failure in past.  Intelligence is the context value that one can be provided by the wise, listening and investing intuitive times of study to learn from the experiences many have endured and shared.  Education of today teaches us many simple but necessary subjects, to prepare the persons for the ability to make contribution, and the ability to survive what is to be expected of one, living in today's way of life.  Things like Mathematics and English, amongst Reading comprehension, give us what is necessary to learn from and to reproduce our own understandings of what we come to know.  Many often create books and biographies that share who they are, and how they have come to be.  More do not produce such a diary of self, and so therefor we cannot say that we know what to do, that we are getting it done, that everything is as it should be.

What is known by some, is that luck is not anything more then the unaware.  The blessed ones that are indeed victorious for the reasons of supernatural intelligences.  It is exactly the strategic plot that develops a person to eventually seek why and how they have what they have.  For the sake of argument let us attach not religion, but spiritual awareness as a part of the equation of luck.  If indeed the spirit is within each of us, then we must factor in the possibility that it is being constructed by something other then ourselves.  Then we add to the equation the process of thought in the human brain, that of what allows us to be participants in the overall plot that is life.  Already we see how very little we contribute to what is and will be.  Luck is not skill, when Victory by luck is being defined, it is indeed those events where the less experienced come out with what was to be received, even though they may or may not have been the most prepared or qualified.  Due to the perfection that is the plot of everything, we are but nothing.  Unless we flow with the plot that has been provided to all.  Then we too can be everything.  We too can be perfect.

This process of participation is also referenced as the individual self, finding a calling and learning more about one self, that only can be obtained from within.  Then understanding that all the events and the achieved doings of the self have defined one into who they are.  When the able have become, tend to produce what is, much more efficiently and produce in abundance.  The key that these beings are finding, is many times the Love of what it is that provides them the necessities to produce who they are.  The mistake many make is where these necessities come from, and the common mistake is ourselves.  Indeed I assure you that anything ever deemed great in the history of the human being, has been granted to each and every individual one, that has been provided by the master and creator of the plot that is planned and will be forever. This is the one we call GOD, the state of being that is Unconditional Love.  The feelings that we have for our family, or any persons we care and wish to be surrounded by are that of the plot of god and the path that guides the blessed to the light in love.  The truth behind GOD is exact, but it is supernaturally perfect in design.  Even the wisest human mind cannot claim to have an understanding for what is going to be, nor can they claim to have the ability to express why.  The only gift that the wise can claim is the ability to know that God exists, and then use thy will to retain through honor and respect by God.  If you trust in God, and lend thee your ear so that one can then listen, it is this that then bonds in the love that is god.  Followed by the power of the human heart and soul, that ensures that it is indeed God that shares within the lended hearing.  This process can and will be the journey that is life, the singular purpose of our existence, and the way to flow with everything forever.  Piece by piece as a puzzle that we must build to find what awaits in life.  The beginning of the only true path to the value of being, which is the controlled mind of self.  


This is a project that is Live, it is a world effort, that will not be restricted to the ideals and theories of one man.  However indeed when reading with care, we see that very well may  be.  Let it be the will of the creator that brings us the information that guides us to it.  For it those words that you read, only inspired by my perception and understanding of what is Unconditional Love.

Daily Journal Entries

January 26, 2018

Give Life a chance to give back for your good intent.  Don't lose side of the fact that you are that intent that when given time will  introduce itself into your surroundings, and become a powerful engine that drives you into the light and what we so long for, our way back.  

January 25, 2018

January 24, 2018

January 23, 2018

January 22, 2018

January 21, 2018